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I am a CERN staff working in the Beams department and the Accelerator and Beams Physics group. I am LHC MD coordinator from 2014.

rogelio tomas

Welcome to my home page. You may also visit my Google Scholar profile or my CERN profile


IPAC 2011EPS In 2011 I was awarded with the Frank Sacherer prize: "For his many important, original contributions to accelerator physics, especially the optics design and optics measurement and correction techniques applied to a large number of circular and linear collider projects. Dr. Tomas' achievements combine theoretical ability with practical skills, and range from studies of resonances and non-linearities in accelerators and beam lines to operations and upgrades for the LHC". Some pictures of the event in my flickr. After the IPAC11 workshop I was interviewed by the Asturian radio, you may listen to the recording here (RTPA 13-9-2011). There were various articles in newspapers: CERN Courier, CERN Bulletin, Interactions, CPAN,20minutos, Que! and SINC.
I got the PhD "cum laude" by the University of Valencia in 2003. You may find the thesis in the University service or from the CERN library CERN-THESIS-2003-010. See some pictures of the event here.
I had the pleasure to give an invited plenary talk in IPAC 2016 on Review of optics measurement and correction in accelerators.
IPAC 2016 invited talk
The article on the CERN Bulletin describing the first Machine Development week is out MD1 2015. It was a rather hectic first experience as MD coordinator! Various came thereafter: MD3 2015 MD4 2016
A CERN office has been inagurated in KEK. I had the pleasure to be there.
CERN office in KEK 2014
ATF2 has achieved world record beam sizes of about 60nm demonstrating the compact design of Final Focus systems based on the local chromaticity correction proposed by Pantaleo and Seryi. This result has just been published in Physical Review Letters, here. By the way, this is my first PRL.
This entertaining work reporting on the use of Farey sequences for the generation of 2D resonance diagrams has been published here. Only a few days after Xiaozhe Shen has written a C++ code implementing the algorithm. You can download the code from Xiaozhe's web page: 2d_Resonance_Diagram_from_Farey_Sequence.

Very interestingly D. Khoshnoudirad publishes a study on Farey diagrams, which is a structure largely related to the resonance diagrams. D. Khoshnoudirad publication on Farey diagrams. Have fun!
ATF2 GDE review pannel 2013 Recently I took part in the ATF2 GDE review as pannel member. See some pictures of the event here and here. You can download the final version of the ATF2 review .
The Landolt-Bornstein book on accelerators and colliders to which I contributed has been published. See the cover in this picture.